Universal Triumvirate v. Martel


Seal of the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court: 12/17/14
Full Case Name Universal Triumvirate v. Victor Martel
Type Criminal
Court Membership
Chief Justice
Esteemi Evantsu

Case FactsEdit

In November, Major Executive Edward Stenbach began receiving emails from an "Ecir Ztielb" (backwards "Rice Bleitz") warning of a "Coalition" and against Lanclot Rice. An account with the same name attempted to register and get access to the Triumvirate's central forum in which it was discovered that it matched Victor Martel, and, on discovering so, the Department of Justice and the Department of Intelligence investigated further to conclude that the two were one and the same. On December 12, 2014, then Senator Victor Martel was sent a letter of arrest by Chief Attorney McDearny on the charge of acting as multiple identities. He was promptly impeached from office as Senator.

Case ProceedingsEdit

Chief Attorney McDearny filed one charge against Mr. Martel, acting as multiple identities, which Martel quickly confessed to and plead in a pretrial plea that he was guilty. Martel claimed and then sent the Department of Justice "evidence" that Lanclot Rice was involved in a massive conspiracy that involved the mid-trimester drop in activity that also implicated former Head of Naturalization Frankland and former Head of Media Pembrook. The Department of Justice concluded that this evidence was falsified. Regardless, as Mr. Martel had already plead guilty before the trial, the case proceeded straight to sentencing.



The court, based on the evidence provided by the Department of Justice, his confession and pretrial pleading of guilty to the charge (which is a class I felony), and his actions with regards to the case, issued the following sentence:

"Mr. Victor Martel will be denied all public services (including international services) from the Triumvirate going forward including, but not limited to, certification services and will be banished from the Triumvirate effective the onset of December 18, 2014 or, earlier, if the Department of Justice finds compelling reason to do so in the interest of the public or in the interest of security."


Before his banishment Martel made a public statement in which he stated:

"Alright, you fuckers want a real confession? Here it is:

I joined desiring only power. I don't give two shits about bipartisanship, and I turned on Rice because out of all of you he pissed me off the most. I don't care that you all hate me, you mean nothing to me. My horrible attempt at fabricating "The Coalition" was an attempt to simply create chaos that I could exploit by siding with the winner, be it Stenbach or Rice. I bullshitted that test to become a Senator, and I lied to all of you."

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