Universal Triumvirate v. Red



Case File

Seal of the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court: 4/14/11 - 5/7/11
Full Case Name Universal Triumvirate v. Red
Type Criminal
History Previous case, forfeited (see File:Universal Triumvirate v. Red (Part 1, Red flees) (2011-I).pdf)
Court Membership
Associate Justices
Stavrok, Esteemi Evantsu, Hik10er

An obscure case as originally former Executive Red had forfeited his last trial and fled the Triumvirate after being sentenced and found guilty of numerous crimes, the case of Universal Triumvirate vs. Red (technically Universal Triumvirate v. Red II but because the original case was never finished and thus never considered official, it became Universal Triumvirate vs. Red) resolved Red's sentence so that he could make good for his past crimes.

Case FactsEdit

In the original case (starting on March 4th, 2011) which was abruptly closed (on March 16th, 2011) Red plead guilty of acting in an abhorrent manner to outsiders (multiple times), releasing confidential information, breaking Triumvirate site policy, breaking wiki policy/cussing in the public domain (multiple times), vote manipulation (twice), acting as another official (twice) (Red was Trojan War, a former Executive), and not carrying out a legal sentence and was in this case also discovered to be guilty of interference in diplomacy (between the Triumvirate and The Empire clan).

The Supreme Court sentenced him to pay 100K in RSGP to the Department of State and 300K in RSGP to the Department of Finance to make good for his crimes. Upon doing that he would have resolved his criminal status. Once Red discovered this sentence he gave his famous response:

"Forget it. I have worked hard to earn all my money, and I'm not going to give it all up just because the Justices are lazy. I have not cost this Union any money, and quite frankly I am highly disappointed that the court system I co-created (yes, contrary to whatever lies Ogamon's been telling you, I contributed more to the Supreme Court than he did) ended up being filled with terribly Justices.

I only wanted the member I had hurt to forgive me, and I have recieved their answers, which I am satisfied with. I honestly don't care whether I remain a criminal or not. I am done with the Triumvirate. It is in the past, and nothing can change that; especially not money.

It's quite obvious that this Supreme Court either needs to be revised, or its members replaced, as it's clear from the way you've handled both the Darkness case and now mine that you are all unqualified. I believe that the answer you all were selected (save Stavrok) was due to the Executives wanting to fill up the Judicial Branch ASAP. I doubt that any of you were subjected to the required tests.

Nonetheless, I wish this Union the best of luck in the future. Zerouh has established a great Government. It is unfortunate that the people in it were just not up to the task (myself included).

Good day gentlemen. I believe this is the last time we shall ever meet."

After he vacated the court and became a fugitive of the Triumvirate his criminal status was elevated. It was not until a month later that he returned, despite what he had said to the court, and decided he would stand extensive trial for his many crimes. Having already plead and been found guilty of so many charges and with additional ones added (such as vacating court and fleeing from a legal sentence) there were extensive implications for Red when he returned and took part in this final case.

Case ProceedingsEdit

Because Red knew of his guilt and knew that it would only make things worse if he behaved poorly in the courts, this case was handled fairly well with few complications.


Case QuestionsEdit

Can the courts determine, as a sentence, where someone must pay the fines to? -this question arose because Head of Finance insisted that Red pay all fines to the Department of Finance instead of the various locations the court had prescribed.


On 5/7/11 (3:0):

Yes, the courts may choose where money goes, TDF has no power over the courts in this instance.

As the sentence for his crimes, Red would have considerable punishment. He was sentenced to pay a fine of 150K in RSGP to the Department of Finance and 100K in RSGP to the Department of State as well as performing about 1.5 million RSGP equivalent in work for the Department of Finance. Red could also not become a court official or work for the Department of Intelligence or the Department of State for at least four months.

After doing some of the work, Red was pardoned of some of his punishment by the Executive Branch as an act of courtesy and to show good faith.

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