Vulpes Arenas Edit

Vulpes Arenas

Early Career 2014-2015 Edit

Vulpes Arenas joined the Triumvirate in 2014. He was recruited by Nathan Maine and Lancelot Rice to become one of the Senators, of which a new Senatorial spot was created. He joined the Establishment Party. He lasted through the Bleitze era and the Blacklist Scandal, and watched as Edward Stenbach became the new Major Executive. However, when the first elections of the year 2015 came into play, Vulpes Arenas was pressured by both Lancelot Rice and Edward Stenbach for endorsements. Stenbach even went as far as to give Vulpes Arenas the Director of Campaigns title. Nonetheless, Vulpes Arenas remained neutral and abstained from the vote, which meant that Stenbach banished him from the Establishment Party, and he was summarily impeached by the Executive Branch because of going inactive. He then left the Union in early 2015, shortly after the elections.

Rejoining the Union Edit

Vulpes Arenas rejoined the Union again right after the Winter Attacks had brought down the site uteb.boards. He worked together with Lancelot Rice, Jackson Eden, Alexander Buchanan, and Andrew Hester to bring the Union back together. He became and independent, and was appointed as the sole Senator and the Chairman of the Joint Command Council, though still representing Conservative views. This was seen in the public, as the Major Executive Lancelot Rice and Vulpes Arenas constantly fought over different objectives. Eventually, Vulpes recognized himself as being a little overdramatic and a little over-radical and apologized personally to Lancelot.

Currently Edit

Vulpes Arenas is now the chairman of the Establishment Party, with his banishment having been removed by the Major Executive. He is attempting to transfer to the Chief Ambassador placement in the Department of State. He is reachable at, or on the in-forum message center.

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