World War II is a game currently in development by Corporate Corporation, currently under going Alpha trials. Currently you can still sign up for the first round of Beta trials. © 2012, Andrew Hester under Triumvirate and United States law.



Naval UnitsEdit

  • Aircraft Carrier: The aircraft carrier is the heart of any fleet, it's 100 aircraft capacity can be used to defend the fleet from attack with it's fighters, to attacking other fleets and land targets. The carrier has it's own desalinization plant that turns the sea water into fresh water for it's crew.
    • Weapons: 100 Aircraft capacity (Fighters, Dive-bombers, torpedo bombers), eight 5 inch guns and 100 machine guns (AA)
    • Carrying Capacity: 16,000 5 inch shells, 1,500,000 MG belts, 1,000 tons of food, 1,000 torpedoes, 1,500 bombs and 250,000 .50 cal belts.

  • Escort Carrier The escort carrier is a cheaper version of the Aircraft Carrier, costing half the money to build but has a third of the health of a full sized aircraft carrier. It's a cheaper alternative to build but easier to destroy but carries half the aircraft making it more efficient with aircraft to weight ratio. However it only carries anti-aircraft machine guns and not the duel purpose 5 inch guns.
    • Weapons: 50 aircraft capacity (Fighters, Dive-bombers, torpedo bombers), 20 machine guns.
    • Carrying Capacity: 10,000 MG belts, 250 tons of food, 4,000 barrels of water, 100 torpedoes, 150 bombs and 10,000 .50 cal belts.

  • Battleship Battleships are all big gun heavy warships, carrying twelve 16 inch guns that can lob a one ton shell over 25 miles towards enemy ships or land targets. Bringing an additional sixteen 5 inch duel purpose guns and 100 machine guns they are the closest ships towards the fleet's carriers and tankers to provide a second to last defense against enemy ships and aircraft (last being the carriers themselves). Battleships also carry their own desalinization plant that turns the sea water into fresh water for it's crew.
    • Weapons: twelve 16 inch guns, eight 6 inch guns, sixteen 5 inch guns and 100 machine guns.
    • Carrying Capacity: 6,000 16 inch shells, 4,400 6 inch shells, 32,000 5 inch shells, 1,000,000 machine gun ammo belts, 500 tons of food and 6,000 barrels of water.

  • Battle cruiser Battle cruisers are as large as battleships but sacrifice armor for speed. Having the speed of a cruiser but the firepower of a battleship, battle cruisers can out gun any ship smaller than it and still be able to outrun battleships that can over power them. To save on weight however, battle cruisers lack a desalinization plant.
    • Weapons: Twelve 16 inch guns, eight 5 inch guns and 40 machine guns.
    • Carrying Capacity: 6,000 16 inch shells, 16,000 5 inch shells, 400,000 machine gun ammo belts and 500 tons of food.

  • Heavy Cruiser Heavy cruisers are small striking ships, able to pound a battle cruiser and take a pounding from a battle cruiser, in groups of two to three minimum are able to bring down a battle cruiser with their guns, or one heavy cruiser can use it's ten torpedo tubes. Heavy cruisers also offer great protection for convoys when a battleship isn't available to provide protection, and can also target land targets.
    • Weapons: Eight 12 inch guns, 50 machine guns and 10 torpedo tubes.
    • Carrying Capacity:

  • Cruiser : Cruisers are small support ships, the third line of defense for a carrier task force's carriers. Cruisers can also aid in land bombardments with it's eight 8 inch guns.
    • Weapons: Eight 8inch guns, 30 machine guns and six torpedo tubes.
    • Carrying Capacity: 8,000 8 inch shells,

  • Destroyer
    • Weapons:
    • Carrying Capacity:

  • Patrol Boat
    • Weapons:
    • Carrying Capacity:

  • Tanker
    • Weapons:
    • Carrying Capacity:

  • Cargo ship
    • Weapons:
    • Carrying Capacity:

  • Submarine:
    • Weapons:
    • Carrying Capacity:

Land UnitsEdit

  • Heavy Tank
  • Tank
  • Light Tank
  • AA Half Track
  • Trooper
  • Sniper
  • Mortor Troop

Air unitsEdit

  • High Level Bomber
  • Heavy Bomber
  • Dive Bomber
  • Torpedo Bomber
  • Fighter

Weapons of World War IIEdit

Naval weaponsEdit

  • 16 inch gun:
  • 12 inch gun:
  • 8 inch gun:
  • 6 inch gun:
  • 5 inch gun:
  • Machine Gun(MG):
  • Torpedo tube:
    • Torpedoes:
  • Depth charge:

Air weaponsEdit

  • Bombs:
  • Torpedoes:

Land weaponsEdit

  • Mortars:

Universal weaponsEdit

  • .50 cal heavy machine gun:

Combat systemEdit


Armor ProtectionEdit

Armor protection means that for each armor point a ship has, is a damage point a shell won't do.

  • Example: A battleship has 1,000 armor points, if a destroyer shoots a battleship with it's 5 inch guns, each having 500 damage points, each round fired at a battleship won't do any damage to the battleship.
  • Example two: A heavy cruiser has 550 armor points, if a battleship fires it's 16 inch guns and one hits the heavy cruiser, each round doing 1,600 damage, the heavy cruiser will only sustain 1,050 damage from the battleship's guns. And if a battleship fires at a battleship,

only 600 damage will be done to the battleships that hit each other.

Torpedo ProtectionEdit

Torpedo protection means that for each torpedo armor point a ship has, is a damage point a torpedo won't do.

  • Example:

Still under HEAVY designing


The map World War II will use is the Earth, with each country being refereed too as a nation.

===Region Each nation is split into different Regions, each region is a division of a nation and is the bedrock of your nation. Each region has in it a set number of resource fields, metal and oil, for without which your nation will suffer poorly in terms of military production. Each region has a different number of fields, as little as five to as many as a couple thousand. All information on production is taken from real world production sources as much as possible. You loose the game when you have no regions under your control anymore.

To invade a region from another region without there being any water in the way, you simply put troops into the region. If invading by sea/ocean you have to invade from the beaches.


In addition to Regions, there are Beaches.

  • Beaches: When fighting against a player who has an island you want to gain control of, you have to assault their beaches. While the defender can build defenses on their beaches to try to repel the invader(s).
    • Example: Andrew Hester invades Ehyta's London Region's beaches. Ehyta has coastal gun A-C fire at landing craft Bravo.

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