Zerouh's Rules of Power are derived from Zerouh's political philosophy, and are the summation of conclusions made by Zerouh as to the nature and extent of quantifiable power.

First Rule of PowerEdit

"Giving power to any entity removes an equal power from another entity and, conversely, removing power from any entity gives power to another entity."

This rule is fundamental in Zerouh's basic theories as it states that power can be represented as a matter of percentage, meaning that it can be rationalized with the notion that power given somewhere equals an opposing effect elsewhere. For example, in the Triumvirate, the fact that the Executive Branch has the power to issue pardons means that the Administration does not have that power, and if you gave that power to both the Executive Branch and Administration, the power in and of itself remains the same, while each branch has half of the full power to issue pardons.

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